How can I upgrade to Premium and why should I upgrade?

If you are on the Basic plan, you can upgrade to Premium ($ 9.99 / Month or $ 99.99 / Year) by going to Menu → Upgrade account.

Premium includes everything in Basic and:

  • Sync across two devices: Everything in Appointfix instantly syncs across your smartphone and tablet. Work on both devices, stress-free.
  • Online booking: Let your customers book appointments based on your schedule.
  • Client management: Manage all your clients using just one app.
  • Reports: Easily see how your business is performing with reports on revenue, services, and clients.
  • Marketing: Send a text to all your clients with an update, a special offer, or anything else you want. Or send a reminder to rebook to clients you haven’t seen in a while.
  • Multiple templates for messages: Define and use different messages depending on the time of sending (instantly, before, or after the appointment) or depending on the message’s purpose.
  • Reminders without our branding: The reminders that get sent out won’t include the signature “Sent via Appointfix.”
  • Priority support

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