How can I upgrade to Ultimate and why should I do it?

If you are on the Basic or Premium plan, you can upgrade to Ultimate ($ 19.99 / Month or $ 199.99 / Year) by going to Menu → Upgrade account.

Ultimate includes everything in Basic and:

  • FULLY AUTOMATED SMS REMINDERS SENT VIA OUR SYSTEM: Appointfix Ultimate uses a robust SMS delivery system with a nearly 100% delivery rate. Regardless of the device, you’re using to access the app, we make sure your appointment reminders are always sent out.
  • SYNC ACROSS UNLIMITED DEVICES: Start managing your appointment calendar on as many devices as you like. Everything in Appointfix instantly syncs across any number of smartphones or tablets you use. 
  • REPORTS: Easily see how your business performs with simple reports on revenue, services, and clients.
  • MARKETING: Send a text to all your clients with an update, a special offer, or anything else you want. Or send a reminder to rebook to clients you haven’t seen in a while.
  • MULTIPLE TEMPLATES FOR MESSAGES: Define and use different messages depending on the time of sending (instantly, before, or after the appointment), or depending on the purpose of the message.
  • MESSAGES WITHOUT OUR BRANDING: The reminders sent out won’t include the signature “Sent via Appointfix.” 


As an Ultimate plan subscriber, you get 500 text messages free of charge each month. If you have used them up, you can buy extra messages (50 messages – $2.99; 100 messages – $5.99 ; 250 messages – $14.99; 500 messages – $29.99).


SMS packs can be purchased by going to the Menu → Settings → User account and tapping on the “Buy more text messages” button. Unused extra messages are carried over to the next usage cycle, after which they will expire. 


On the Ultimate plan, you can choose to send your message reminders automatically or manually (semi-automated).


Using the Appointfix fully automated system, message reminders will be sent from a generic number. Clients can reply to your reminder, and the message will be forwarded to your phone number. This feature is convenient, as you don’t have to tap anymore to send the message.


If you use semi-automated reminders, messages will be sent via your mobile device and carrier. Due to restrictions from Android and iOS, a tap is required for each message to be sent. Messages will come out of your mobile phone plan, with no extra charges from us.


By default, when you upgrade to Ultimate, messages will be automatically sent to clients. To send reminders from your mobile number, go to Menu (☰) → Settings → Messages → Sending method.


*Note for Staff Management: 


The user who upgraded to Ultimate will have 1 Staff FREE. Any additional staff members cost $ 10 / extra staff member/month. 


Ultimate+1 Staff; Price: $29.99/Month

Ultimate+2 Staff; Price: $39.99/Month

Ultimate+3 Staff; Price: $49.99/Month

Ultimate+4 Staff; Price: $59.99/Month

Ultimate+Unlimited Staff; Price: $69.99/Month

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