How do I create services?

To create a service, go to Menu → Services → tap on the + sign.

A new screen will open with multiple options and empty fields. Fill the empty fields with:

  • Name – Add the name of the service (Women’s Haircut, Hair Washing)
  • Price: You can set a fixed or variable price.
  • Duration – When setting the duration, you can choose to add a “processing time” or “block extra time.”
    • By enabling “Processing time,” you can add a block of time after the service, which is bookable by other clients online.
    • By enabling “Block extra time,” you can block time for cleaning, traveling to your next client, or anything else you need.
  • Color – Select a color for each service to help you find your appointments on the calendar quickly.
  • Default – If checked, it will automatically insert the service in any new appointment you create.
  • Bookable by clients online – This option will allow you to show or hide certain services on the Online Booking page.


We automatically load the services from their last appointment for existing clients when you create a new one.


*Note for Staff Management:


You can now assign particular services to your staff members. Make sure the Bookable by clients option is enabled and after that, tap on “Staff” and assign your services to your preferred staff members.

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