How do messages work on the Ultimate plan?

On the Ultimate plan, the reminders are fully automated and sent via our system. Appointfix Ultimate uses a robust SMS delivery system with a nearly 100% successful delivery rate.


As an Ultimate subscriber, you get 500 text messages free of charge each month. If you use them up, you can buy additional messages from 50 messages ($2.99) up to 500 ($29.99).


You can purchase the SMS packs by going in the app to the Menu → Settings → User account and tapping on the “Buy more text messages” button. Unused extra messages are carried over to the next monthly usage cycle, after which they will expire.


Also, on the Ultimate plan, text messages come from a generic number. Clients can reply to that number, and the messages will be redirected to your phone number. Our messaging provider will consume a certain number of messages out of your monthly message quota, depending on the reply’s length.


Client replies are currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Romania, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and South Africa. To request this feature in your country, please email us.


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