How to set up your Appointfix online booking page

This guide will walk you through the steps of setting up your own free online booking page and activating your “Book Now” buttons on Facebook and Instagram. 

1. Start by setting your services

You need to list your services so that your clients can choose what services they want to book. If you’ve already set your services, go ahead and skip this step. 


To create a new service, go to Menu (☰)  → Services → tap on the “+” button to start adding your professional services one by one.

Choose between fixed or variable prices for each of your services.

The online booking app allows you to insert the prices for your services and gives you the option of a fixed price or a variable price. For example, hairstylists providing services at different prices depending on the client’s hair length can include the cost of a high-end coloring service between $125-$250, instead of having to opt for a fixed price only.

Try to estimate your service’s duration as correctly as possible.

This way, your online booking system will give the correct appointment times for you and your clients. For example, if your salon closes at 8 pm, your client cannot book a balayage session at 7 pm. It takes two hours and a half for you to provide that service, so the last available time for the balayage service that your client could book online would be 5:30 pm.


You can also add processing time & block extra time if needed.

For example, if a stylist sets that hair coloring has a 30 minutes processing time until the color processes, you will have the option to book another client in that time slot. If you can use the block extra time option, you’ll block spare time after that service.

This extra blocked time can serve you for many purposes. Hairstylists, for example, can sanitize their instruments and clean thoroughly after your previous client. You can set in advance time slots for lunch breaks or other frequent appointments. Or, if you’re providing remote services, it can be the time you need to travel to your next client.


Add color tags to your services.

Personalize your services with colors. This way, you’ll easily spot what type of appointments you have scheduled.

2. Personalize your “Booking website link”

The “Booking website link” is the address your users will type into their browsers to reach your online booking page and make an appointment.


It’s the address of your online booking page on the internet. With Appointfix, you can personalize it with your own business name.

To edit your online booking website link, go to the Appointix Menu → Settings → Online Booking → Booking website link.

3. Edit Business details

To include your business details in the app, go to Menu → Settings → Online Booking → Edit Business Details.

Displaying your business details provides potential customers with all the information they need to make an appointment.

I recommend that you make use of as many personalization settings as possible to customize your online booking page. Don’t forget that you can return and edit these at any time.


Start by typing your business name and business description.

Your business description can simply be a small description of your business, your slogan, mission statement, things you believe in, or the reason your business exists. Mention briefly some of the services you offer so that clients know what’s your business all about.

This is where you want to include that advertising hook, making it attractive for clients to check out your business and book an appointment with you. Your description doesn’t need to be long, but make it attractive.


Upload your business logo.

If you already have a logo and you want it displayed on your online booking page, this is where you should upload it.


Logos are a point of identification; they’re the symbol that customers use to recognize your brand. Tailorbrands says that some of your audience will likely forget the name of your business (don’t take it personally – it’s human nature), but they’ll immediately associate your logo with their memories of your brand.


If you don’t have a logo yet, you can design a beautiful one in a matter of minutes, for free. My favorite tool for creating logos for free is Hatchful by Shopify. It’s free, fun, and easy to use. These are some of the logo examples that Hatchful has suggested for my Royal Hair Salon project in less than a minute.

If you’re interested in creating a logo, check out this article about how to design a logo, even if you are not a designer.

Upload a representative business picture.

Your business picture is an element that can really grab the attention of your potential clients that are visiting your online booking page.

You can choose to display a picture of your salon or a picture that shows your most excellent work. Give a professional feel to your photos by hiring a professional photographer, and choose a subject representative of your primary target audience and in the same age group.


Sometimes all of this involves more work, and it can be hard to produce that “super picture” quickly. No worries, we got you covered. You can choose a fantastic photo from a website called Unsplash or Pexels.

They both offer pictures free of copyrights. It’s not allowed to use images on the internet for your business promotion, unless it clearly states they are free to use, like on these two photography websites we mentioned above.


Write your business address.

This setting is self-explanatory. You just have to write your business address, and the setting in Appointfix, which is integrated with Google maps, will show your exact location on the map, making it very easy for your clients to reach you.


Include your business email.

Here is where your official business email should be included. Take into account that when you signed up for Appointfix, you might have used your personal email. Here though, you want to include your salon business email as a general contact. Or your direct email, which you use for business purposes.


Mention your website.

If you have a website, this is where you can add it. People who get to your online booking system and would like to find out more details about your business or check out your portfolio can find those out by checking your website.


Include your Facebook & Instagram business pages.

If you have a Facebook and/or an Instagram business page, include them so that your potential customers can check them out and get an opinion about your work and services. If you have not used social media to promote your business, I highly recommend you start, because it’s a great way to attract new customers by simply posting images of your work.


Edit your business hours.

This is the last step before publishing your online booking system. Select the days your business is opened and set the opening and closing hours. Leave unselected the days when your business is closed.


You can see how you can set your business hours on the first image below, and on the second one is what your clients will see when looking at your online booking page.

4. Set the “Booking acceptance” options

The Appointfix free online booking system gives you the option to automatically accept all appointment requests or to manually accept or decline them. You can have absolute control over the appointments you receive.

To edit your preference at any time tap on Menu → Settings → Online Booking → Bookings acceptance.

As a default setting, all online bookings made by your customers will be automatically accepted, but you can change it to the manual option at any time.

5. “Calendar availability” options

You can choose what time slots are available for your clients to book online. You can offer all your time slots for booking, or offer only the time slots that are next to an existing event (before or after an appointment or personal event). This way, you won’t have any gaps between appointments in your calendar.

To set your calendar availability go to Menu → Settings → Online booking → Calendar availability.

6. Choose the “Cancellation policy”

Many small business owners in the beauty industry opt for a minimum or 48h or 24h cancelation notice before the appointment. You decide the terms and timing for appointments to be canceled or rescheduled. This online booking system gives you the option to choose if you allow cancelations in advance and how many hours in advance a customer can cancel an online booking.

Set your cancellation policy by going to Menu → Settings → Online Booking → Cancellation Policy.

7. Set your “Booking policy”

Decide how far in advance a booking can be made and what’s the minimum amount of time required before booking by going to Menu → Settings → Online Booking → Booking Policy.

Set your cancellation policy by going to Menu → Settings → Online Booking → Cancellation Policy.

8. Activate your Facebook and Instagram “Book Now” Buttons

Now that you’ve got your free online booking set up in Appointfix, we recommend addding a “Book Now” button to your Facebook and Instagram business pages. It’s free and it only takes a couple of minutes to set up, but it’s a very efficient way to bring in more appointments. 

Facebook “Book Now” Button

If you use Facebook to interact with your customers online, now it’s a great opportunity to activate your “Book Now” button and let them schedule an appointment with you easier.

All you have to do is to follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook account and go to your business’ page;
  • Click “create action button”
  • Select the “Book Now” option;
  • Click on “connect to another tool“;
  • Find Appointfix in the list, then insert your Appointfix online booking link there;
  • Connect your Facebook business page with your Appointfix account, click “continue” and you’re all set.


Instagram “Book Now” Button

Regarding Instagram, things are even less complicated. Go to your Instagram business page, click on “edit profile”, go to “Action Buttons”, choose “Book Now”, select Appointfix, connect your Appointfix account with your Instagram business page, and you’re ready to have a fully booked schedule without any effort.

9. Share your new booking page with existing customers via mass messages.

Now that you have your own online booking system it’s time to inform your clients about your new booking method by sending them all a mass message. You can easily send mass messages to your client lists through the Appointfix app by going to Menu → Marketing → Mass message.

10. Mention your online booking page in your voicemail greeting message

Imagine how much time, money, and energy you can save by not having to answer clients’ calls as you’re working. On top of it, your clients won’t feel ignored when you cannot take their calls on the spot.

And we’re done! You now master the art of creating your own online booking system.