How do I integrate my Online Booking link with Facebook’s Book Now button?

Facebook recently removed the possibility to add your booking link in the Book Now button, and they only allow you to pick from a list of software solutions. We are currently trying to partner with Facebook & Instagram to have Appointfix added as an option there.

In the meantime, we came up with a workaround solution:


First, make sure that your Facebook page is a Facebook business profile.
Next, on your Facebook Business Page, Click the blue ”+ Add a Button” button.

*Note: If you already have a button set, click on it and change it to a ”Start Order” option.

Select the ”Start Order” option, then on the next screen, paste your booking link. E.g.,

Paste the booking website link you copied from Appointfix, and click ”Save” at the bottom right.

The ”Start Order” button will then show up on your business’s Facebook Page, whether it is opened in a browser or the mobile app. Therefore, your clients can easily book their appointments starting from your Facebook page.


Open the Facebook Page app and tap on ”Add a button.” From the list that appears, select ”Start Order” and paste your Appointfix Booking link into the empty URL field.

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