How to fully take advantage of your Premium subscription

This guide will walk you through all the special things you can do with your Premium subscription. 

1. Sync across two devices

Now you can install and use your Appointfix account on two devices. So, for example, if you use a tablet at work and don’t want to bring it home all the time, you can install and access your Appointfix account from your mobile phone. 


Everything in Appointfix instantly syncs across your devices, so all your data is safe on both devices. 

2. Business performance reports

Now you can access your reports to see your total sales for any day, week, month, or year. You can even see how your business performed in a given period compared with previous times or which services bring in more money.


To access your reports go to Menu (☰)   Reports → Revenue.


A quick tip: Export monthly and yearly reports as PDF/CSV for accounting purposes.


If you want to learn more about your Report types and how to export them, read our Help Center info on “Reports”.  

3. Multiple templates for messages

If you want to have more returning clients, you’ll want to set up multiple message templates. For example, you can have templates for booking confirmation, appointment reminders, follow-ups, or even rebooking reminders.   


For example, when you create an appointment, send an instant booking confirmation, a reminder before the appointment, and a follow-up message that says “Thank you” after the appointment. 


To set up your message templates, go to Menu (☰) → Settings → Messages → Tap on a message → Template.


4. Messages without the Appointfix branding

The messages that get sent out won’t include the signature “Sent via Appointfix.”

5. Send marketing messages

Updating your clients about special deals and new services is now easy, because you can send personalized mass messages, instead of texting each client individually. You can also use marketing messages to automatically send rebooking reminders to clients you haven’t seen in a while. 


Send marketing messages by going to Menu (☰) → Marketing → Mass message.

We recommend you only send marketing messages to clients you know would like to hear from your business.

6. Priority support

Since you are a premium user, all your support issues will now be treated with priority. 


Send us an email at if you have any problems or questions. We love hearing from you.