How to manage your staff using Appointfix​

This guide will walk you through the basic steps of adding and managing new staff members

1. Invite a new staff member

To add a new staff member, go to Menu (☰)  → Staff → Staff members, tap the “+” icon, complete your new staff member’s details and tap Save. An invite email will be automatically sent to your staff member. 

After the invite has been accepted, you’ll be able to see the new staff member‘s calendar.

If you feel the need for more details, check out our Help Center info about how to add a new staff member to your calendar.

2. Edit your staff’s information

Only the Account Owner will be able to edit the information for other staff members.


To edit your staff member’s information, go to Menu (☰)  → Staff Members, choose the staff member you want to edit, and then tap “Edit”.

Roles and permissions

Only the Account Owner will be able to edit the permissions for other staff members.


In the “Edit staff member” menu, you can offer admin access to one or more of your staff members, allowing them to see and manage all the team’s calendars and financial Reports.

Roles and permissions

Online booking visibility

You can also enable or disable a staff member from being listed on your online booking page. When you add new staff members, they are enabled to be listed on your online booking page by default.


To disable or enable this option, go to Menu (☰)  → Staff Members  Tap on your member and select or deselect “Bookable by clients online”.

Bookable by clients online

Message notifications

Choose what notifications your staff member will receive by going to Menu (☰)  → Settings Notifications.

If you want to learn more about how to edit your staff members profile, you can check our Help Center info.

3. Create an appointment for a staff member

You can create an appointment for a staff member directly in the calendar or via the online booking system. Here’s how you can create an appointment in Appointfix.

You can read more about the staff management feature on our blog.


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