How to start using Appointfix

A guide for new staff members. 

Find out how to use your Appointfix account

1. Start by adding or importing your client list

If you haven’t imported your clients already, you can add them manually or import them from your phone now. 


Keep in mind that the added or imported clients will be visible to your Account Owner and colleagues, as the contact list is a shared list, per business. Only team members with Admin rights can delete clients from the list.   

To add a new client manually, go to Menu (☰) → Clients → Tap on the “+” button, and enter the clients name. As you type the name, you will get suggestions from your Contacts list. If the client already exists in your phone Contacts, tap on it, and it will automatically fill in the client’s name and phone number.


If the client does not exist in your phone Contacts, you will have to insert the name and the phone number. Optionally, you can also add an email address, a photo, and notes about the client. 

You can import multiple people from contacts by going to Menu(☰)  Clients and tapping the icon in the screen’s upper right corner.

2. Create your first appointment 

To create a new appointment, tap on your preferred time slot in the calendar.

Add the client, select the desired services, and you’re all set! Your first appointment has been created.

If you have Admin rights, you can assign appointments to other Staff members. Tap on the empty time slot to create a new appointment. The member who is assigned to a service will be automatically added and assigned to that appointment. 


To change the appointment’s staff member, tap on the name, and a list of all your staff members will be displayed. If the staff does not provide the selected service, an information icon will appear.

If you want to learn more about editing, deleting, or creating recurring appointments, check out our Help Center guides.

3. Manage your calendar

You can edit the appointments in your calendar, even the ones that have been assigned to you by the Account Owner.


For example, if you want to change the date and time of any appointment, tap on the appointment  tap “Edit”  tap on the date. It will open the date picker. Choose the new date and time and tap “Save”.

If you have admin rights, you’ll be able to view and manage all the appointments of the business, for all members. Create appointments (personal events, time offs) for anyone, edit or delete any appointments.

Check out our Help Center info about appointments to learn more about managing your calendar, such as adding multiple people to an appointment, or booking two appointments for the same time slot.

4. Check out the different calendar views

Take a look at the different calendar views and see which one is more to your liking.  To change the calendar view, tap on the upper right icon from the calendar.


You can choose between 4 calendar views: 

  • Day 
  • 3 Day 
  • Week
  • Month
Calendar view

5. Share your business’s online booking page with your clients

If your Account Owner has activated the online booking page for the business, clients will be able to book appointments directly online.


Here’s an example of how the online booking page could look after it’s been set up, personalized with your business details, of course. 


You can check if the online booking page is active by going to Menu(☰)  Online Booking. If it’s not active, you can tell your Account Owner to activate it.   


To increase your number of appointments, share your online booking page with your clients and encourage them to book online. Sharing your online booking page on social media is another great way to boost your number of appointments. You can find your business’s online booking link by going to Menu(☰)  Online Booking. 

6. Create, edit and delete services (Admin rights required)

As a team member with Admin rights, you’ll be able to create, edit and delete the list of services offered by your business, but also change which staff members perform those services.


To create a new service, go to Menu (☰)  → Services → tap on the “+” button.


To quickstart, simply set the name of the service, for example, “Hair washing”, the price of the service, and the service duration.

We recommend assigning colors to your services so that when you’ll check your calendar, you’ll see at a glance what type of services your upcoming appointments include.
setting for services

If you want to dive into the advanced settings, check out our Help Center info related to “Services”.

 7. Send marketing messages (Admin rights required)

Updating your clients about special deals and new services is now easy, because you can send personalized mass messages, instead of texting each client individually. You can also use marketing messages to automatically send rebooking reminders to clients you haven’t seen in a while. 


Send marketing messages by going to Menu (☰) → Marketing → Mass message.


We recommend you only send marketing messages to clients you know would like to hear from your business.

8. Business performance reports (Admin rights required)

Team members with Admin rights can access business reports to see total sales for any day, week, month, or year. 


See how the business performed in a given period compared with previous times or which services bring in more money. Similarly,  Admins can see Staff reports that display the total amount of money collected in the selected period. 


The list will include the staff members, ordered according to the value of their income.  


To access the reports, go to Menu (☰) → Reports. To see staff reports, look below the Revenue section tap on the “Staff” button. Clicking on it opens the “Staff reports” screen.

That’s it! You’re all set.

If you want to want to know more about user permissions for staff members, check out our Help Center.


One last thing! Since you are a premium user, your support issues will be treated with priority. So if you have any problems or questions, send us an email at support@appointfix.comWe love hearing from you.