Discover how to use your Appointfix Ultimate subscription

You’re already scheduling appointments in a modern way, but now you can step up your scheduling game with the Ultimate plan. Discover our most powerful Ultimate features.

1. Fully automated message reminders

On the Ultimate plan, you can choose to send your message reminders automatically or manually (semi-automated).

  • Using the Appointfix fully automated system, message reminders will be sent from a generic number. Clients are able to reply to your reminder, and the message will be forwarded to your phone number. This feature is convenient, as you don’t have to tap anymore to send the message. 
  • If you use semi-automated reminders, messages will be sent via your mobile device and carrier. Due to restrictions from Android and iOS, a tap is required for each message to be sent. Messages will come out of your mobile phone plan, with no extra charges from us.


By default, when you upgrade to Ultimate, messages will be automatically sent to clients. To send reminders from your personal mobile number, go to Menu (☰)  → Settings →  Messages Sending method.


2. Sync across unlimited devices

With Ultimate, you can use your Appointfix account on unlimited devices. So don’t stress anymore about taking your devices with you when you leave work. For example, you can use Appointfix on a tablet at work and from your phone when you are at home.  


Don’t worry about your data: everything in your calendar instantly syncs across all your devices.


3. Reports

Easily check your financial reports to see your total income for any day, week, month, or year. You can even see how your business performed in a given time, compare periods, download yearly reports as PDF/CSV, or see which clients and services bring in more income.


To see your financial reports go to Menu → Reports → Revenue.


4. Marketing messages 

Letting clients know about your special deals, schedule changes, or new services is now easy. 


You can send personalized mass messages instead of texting each client individually. You can also use bulk messages to send rebooking reminders to clients you haven’t seen in a while.


You can send marketing messages by accessing Menu → Marketing → Mass message.

5. Multiple templates for messages

You can customize your client interaction anytime. Set up message templates for booking confirmation, reminders, follow-ups, or even rebooking reminders.


For example, when you create an appointment, send instant booking confirmation, a reminder before the appointment, and a follow-up message that says “Thank you” after the appointment. 


To set up your message templates, access Menu → Settings → Messages → Tap on a message → Template.

On the Ultimate plan, your messages won’t include the brand signature “Sent via Appointfix.”


6. Staff management feature

Now, it’s time to make the process of scheduling appointments easier for you and your team. With the Staff management feature, you can keep track of your staff’s schedule, send text message reminders, and let clients book online whoever they want from your staff.


To add a new staff member to your calendar, go to Menu (☰)  → Staff → Staff members, tap the “+” icon, fill in your staff member’s details, tap Save, and your staff member will instantly receive an invite email.


To discover more about how this feature works, you can read our Appointfix staff management guide.

7. Staff logins and permissions

Each of your staff members has their login details, and they can see and manage only their calendar and financial reports. If you want to give them more access, you can go to the “Edit staff member” menu.


8. Priority support

As an Ultimate user, you will benefit from priority support for every single issue you encounter.  Therefore, send us an email to with any question or proposal you might have. We love hearing from you.