What happens if I am downgraded to Basic or Premium? Will I lose the appointments or my staff members?

If your account is downgraded to Basic or Premium, the staff members’ accounts will be deactivated. However, you will not lose their appointments or your appointments.


When does an account get downgraded?


  • When payment issues are discovered.


If there are problems with the payment, the account owner will be notified via email that he can still use the app for 7 days but will later be downgraded to “Basic.” After 7 days, the account will be downgraded, and the user will receive an email that the subscription has been deactivated.


  • When the Account Owner manually downgrades the subscription.


The account owner will be informed that he will lose all his staff members due to the downgrade, but the already existing appointments will still be displayed in the calendar.


*Note: The Staff member accounts will be inactive for 14 days but not deleted. After 14 days, the inactive staff members will be deleted if the subscription did not get reactivated to the same number of staff members (the previous subscription).


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