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Easily schedule grooming appointments, send automated reminder messages, and manage all your clients in one app. Transition to a professional and organized business by using our pet grooming software. 

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“Really happy using this app for my dog grooming salon. Very easy to use, does exactly what I need it to do. Thank you.”


A free pet grooming software that keeps you organized

Keep a tight schedule by organizing all your pet grooming appointments. Our pet grooming appointment app gives you a clear overview of your schedule. Ditch the paper appointment book and keep everything on your phone.

Appointment reminders and text confirmations

Send instant appointment confirmations, text reminders when the appointment is coming up, and follow-up messages. Appointfix is the perfect dog grooming app for sending reminders and follow-ups. Reduce client no-shows to a minimum and maximize your earnings.

Set up recurring appointments

Having returning customers is crucial for any pet grooming business. And clients want their pets to be groomed on a regular basis. Use our pet groomer software to schedule recurring appointments. Your clients will receive text reminders prior to their appointments.

Pet grooming booking software

Set up your pet grooming online booking system, and personalize it for business within minutes. With our dog grooming booking system, your clients can easily self-book appointments online, based on your schedule.

Add a "Book Now" button to your Facebook & Instagram pages

Gain even more clients by adding a “Book” button to your  Facebook and Instagram business pages. 


According to Facebook for Business, a Chicago-based hair salon had 40% growth in appointment bookings in just 5 months by using the Book Now button on their Facebook Page.


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Staff management for pet grooming salons

Manage your grooming staff is now easy. You can view all staff schedules in one glance, send personalized text messages from your staff. 


Help your staff keep a fully booked schedule, by using our pet grooming software to set up online booking for your team.

We make over 70,000 professionals happy

“I use Appointfix to keep my pet grooming business running smoothly from my phone anywhere I am. I am able to stay connected to my clients every day, and the automatic reminders make sure I never have no shows. With automatic scheduling, my clients are always updated and it`s so easy to move my schedule around for their convenience as well as for my own. Thank you, Appointfix, for this great dog grooming software!”
Emilie Zukovsky
“Life gets busy for all of us, and we tend to forget things. Appointfix allows me to remind my clients of their appointments, and it practically eliminates no shows. Love this dog grooming app, and I am so happy I found it.”
Michelle Moore Henderson
Certified Dog Groomer at Michelle`s Dog`on Grooming Salon
“I had a hard time sending reminders every day to my customers or follow-ups until I found Appointfix. Now there are no more copy and paste reminders, just one click, and it’s sent. It made my business life way easier. Another thing is that I can quickly make an appointment on the go without having to enter tons of data.”
Cristina Vazquez
Mobile Pet Groomer at Happy Tails Mobile Groomer
“When I opened my grooming salon, I wanted to find an app to help me schedule my appointments, and I was happy to find Appointfix! I was initially impressed by how easy it is to use it. My clients really appreciate the reminder texts, and I love how the reminders have prevented no shows and last minute cancellations. The color-coding helps me evaluate my days and weeks at a quick glance. And because of the ability to add personal events to the schedule, I have no need for any other calendar app! Thank you, Appointfix!”
Jacki Kruse
Owner/Pet Groomer at Paw Spa
“I have been using Appointfix for a number of years now, almost from their beginnings. The laying out of the services within an appointment helped me reappraise my pricing structure and ensure that I was properly charging for my time. The repeat booking feature saves so much time, as the clients are just automatically scheduled ahead, along with the text reminders. Reminders are vital in cutting down no shows and prompting people to reschedule if they can’t make it. Easy to set up and make amendments, and with a great support team all the time.”
Karina Kerrigan
Pet Stylist at Woofters Dog Grooming
“Appointfix made my business run very smoothly, providing me everything I needed to organize all the appointments, history of previous visits, easy communication with my customers through confirmations, reminders, and follow-up texts. The customer service of Appointfix is amazing, and I couldn’t have asked for a better app.Thank you!”
Andra Dragoi
Dog Groomer at Lifetime Dog Grooming

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