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Reduce no-shows by sending appointment confirmation texts and reminders. Manage all your appointments professionally by using Appointfix, a free text reminder app.

Text reminders, notifications, and SMS follow-ups for free

Appointfix is the appointment reminder app that can help you considerably reduce missed appointments and increase client engagement. It can automatically send text reminders to your clients: instant notifications when the appointment is booked, text reminders when the appointment is coming up, and follow-up messages—no more sending texts manually!

Templates for appointment confirmation, SMS reminders

Customize your client interaction every step of the way. Define your steps and create appointment confirmation text messages for all your bookings. Set up SMS reminders just before the appointments, and send thank you notes or feedback request messages to all your clients. 

Template-based dynamic message system

Create appointment reminder text messages in a personalized way by using dynamic fields. Set up templates for SMS reminders that contain the client’s name, date and time, service price or location details, everything extracted from the appointment details.

Pick the right time to send text reminders

An SMS reminder app that gives you complete control over the exact moment your messages are sent. Set one or multiple sending times for each message. If you have a preferred message that you’d like to add to each appointment, simply set the message as default, e.g., 1 hour before appointment reminder.

How messages work under different plans

Under the Basic and Premium plans, the reminders are sent via your device and carrier; therefore, your phone or tablet must have text messaging capabilities and an active mobile subscription. 


Messages will come out of your mobile phone plan, with no extra charges from us. 

Due to restrictions from the iOS and Android operating systems, a tap is required for each reminder to be sent.


You can receive a push notification each time you need to tap for sending a reminder, or you can go to Menu → Messages each morning and send reminders for the whole day. 


Under the Basic and Premium plans, text messages come from your phone number, and your clients can reply to you.


Under the Ultimate plan, you can choose how your messages will be sent. Save more time by having messages sent through our system, or send them through your device for a personal touch.


If you choose to send them through our system, the reminders are fully automated. As an Ultimate subscriber, you get 500 messages FREE each month. If you use them up, you can buy extra messages from 50 messages ($ 2.99) up to 500 ($ 29.99). If you add extra staff members to your account, you’ll receive 100 messages/ paid staff/ month. Unused extra messages are carried over to the next monthly usage cycle, after which they will expire.


Using the Appointfix system, text messages come from a generic number. Clients can reply to that number, and the messages will be redirected to your number. Depending on the length of the reply, a certain number of messages will be consumed out of your monthly message quota. Client replies are currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and South Africa. To request this feature in your country, please email us.

sending reminders options for appointfix ultimate
“A great scheduling app to manage my small business. The reminders reduce no-shows and add professionalism. I`ve been using it for over a year now, it works well and is reliable. Love it!”
Elyssa Mackie
Owner/Therapist at Massage and Soul

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