How to reduce working time & increase efficiency as a lash artist

I apply eyelash extensions, what’s your superpower?

It is said that “the beauty of a woman must be seen deep in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love hides”. It is still applying nowadays. Let’s be honest, have you ever asked yourself how much time do you spend on making your eyes look so gorgeous?

A recent survey revealed that, on average, women spend approximately 55 minutes per day on their hair and makeup. This sounds exactly like your morning routine, right? Here’s the kicker: A new statistic reveals the staggering fact that 55 minutes of daily beauty preparation equates to approximately 335 hours — or two full weeks — of self-pampering per year. Though we don’t regret the time which is spent on our appearance, right? Let’s consider now also the time we spend every evening removing makeup. Ups, it seems to be much more… but that is not a problem anymore!

Moreover, technology is evolving: now we have semi-permanent makeup, face tattoos, plumped lips or, last but not least, lash extensions.

May your coffee be strong and your lashes be long 

Nowadays, more and more women choose to wear eyelash extensions, as it is a practical way to look fresh, classy and which reduces your makeup time in the morning. We all know that the XXIst century came up with a big “present”: the rush. So, why won’t you give up on this hurry-sickness and enjoy your life more? Drink that coffee, listen to that music, use that red lipstick and go on!

According to statistics, the young generation uses more this technique more than the older generation, who might be curious about this new beauty trend: 50% of women who apply lash extensions are between 18 and 34 years old. We all know that these days the Millenials reach the information faster than others according to fashion and new trends. Also, it’s not a surprise for anyone that they are the main users of eyelash extensions.

Lash artist, a job as beautiful, as complicated

It doesn’t happen just once when a client forgets about her appointment and comes with full-mascara extensions. Repeating the same thing to everyone becomes frustrating at a certain point. Lash artists need to find immediately a solution before giving up on something they love to do!

Using the Appointfix app may be a solution for you, no matter the job that you perform. This mobile app has the purpose to make your life easier and not complicate it by making you learn some unuseful technology skills. Appointfix is a complex scheduling app – which means that it has everything you need in it. It’s very easy to use and extremely helpful.

No pen, no eraser, and no paper are needed anymore. Everything you need is online, on your phone. By using it, you can send text message reminders to your clients before their next appointment, taking advantage of the “Notes”section in your Appointfix app. Write the comment there and add the “Notes” file to your client reminders. This could be the easiest way to solve all the problems with one single message:“ Hello dear Natasha, this is a reminder from Beauty Studio about your appointment on Monday, the 10th of October from 15:00 until 17:30. If you need to reschedule, call me at 0891234887. Please don’t forget to keep your lashes clean. See you soon!”

If you have less than 100 appointments/month you can get the Basic FREEpackage. Give it a try. For Premium, you only pay $9.99/month and you can use the app on multiple devices, plus many other benefits. Check out all the details on our website now!

Cat eyes on trend

Didn’t you know the definition of a lash artist? For sure you will always remember it:”a lash artist is a beauty professional licensed who makes all the things possible with beautiful, long, curled lashes.”

Long, full and curved. This is how women want to look their lashes like. They want to conquer the world with a charming glance, that’s why lashes are the main accessory in achieving their goals. Women want to feel the confidence which their physical aspect gives to them. As the quote says, “makeup is self-confidence applied straight to the face.”

Morgan and her super-busy schedule

Morgan is working as a model at a well-known agency in the US. For being 100% efficient in her job, she always needs going to spas, gym and beauty salons to take care of her face and body. The last one was always her dream job and even if it is not easy at all, she’s doing it really great.Morgan uses since 8 months eyelash extensions because it reduces make-up time through one shooting to another.She believes that it is absolutely a practical idea. In every good, there is an unexpected problem. Morgan always forgets about her appointments and her lash artist always needs to remind her to come for a fill. Furthermore, she always comes with her makeup on because she has no time to remove it. A lash artist estimated that if all her clients show up with no makeup and with clear lashes, she would have earn time for 3 more clients/day.

Win-Win situation

The recent studies show us that from a certain level, success doesn’t depend anymore on intelligence. It depends on discipline and auto-discipline, that must be the ability of each one who decides to build a plan which he/she will follow. This thing implies the necessity of having some organizational skills, even if we talk about an eyelash artist. Time is money, and we all know how important for a business owner is not to have dead moments during the duty. In this case, if a client forgets about an appointment, the artist will not earn money during that time and she will have wastages.

We’ve heard it so many times: “I use Appointfix for managing my appointments and sending automated text reminders to my clients. And since I use technology, my clients now think I’m 10 times more professional. No more no-shows as all my clients get their appointment reminders, plus I get a more organized appointment book.” You can check the online reviews to see what users are saying about our scheduling app.

Beauty center- the place where you go to look better and feel better

Many persons arrive in the beauty centers stressed, pissed-off after a long day at work, impatient after staying for too long in traffic and so on. For sure, in these situations, they need someone to understand them and to behave accordingly. As a lash artist, you should know the basic stuff about psychology and how does it work. If you don’t, there is a chance to lose some clients at a certain point in your career. Recognize them if they need to talk to someone, be there for them, recognize them if they need to stay in silence, make a joke: free naps with every lash service.

As the eyelash extensions technique takes quite a long time, the patience of your clients is being lost very fast.Not only once it happened to me to hear this in a beauty center: “sorry, but I lost my patience, could you give me your headphones to listen to music?” There are also difficult situations when you have to breathe deeply, close your eyes, count until 5 and act impeccably to avoid an argue. Make them feel better: a 2-minute-relaxing-massage sounds good for everyone!

Blog posts and socials, helpful in your work

Add your personal blog’s link in your direct messages. Personalize your removing makeup routine and send it as a reminder to your ladies to always take care of their lashes just as you do. For sure they will share it with other women who are interested in the beauty field, and, voilà, new potential clients for you.

For small business owners, promotion is essential and most of them are using social media for doing that. Being active on Instagram or Facebook is a proof that you work hard and your clients are proud of your work so that they always come back to you. As an artist, this will be an important advantage- your clients are just a click away from you!

It is essential having a top list of your “always coming” clients, but sometimes you need to breathe some fresh air and change something. Challenge yourself, find new clients, improve your skills. Once you get to know perfectly every detail on the face of the women who come to you, your work is becoming mechanical and you are not evolving.

Be sure that with new clients, you will constantly learn new skills and improve your techniques.

How to grow your business?

The easiest way is to take it slowly. There are plenty of ideas but this one is very efficient and you should take it into consideration: you can make your own business cards with a 10%-15% off for the first time coming clients and the same discount to the person who recommends them to your beauty center. By using your discount business cards, your clients will spread the word about your good performing services. This is a sure way to get new clients and to maintain and also grow your business.

Generally in any type of business, success can be achieved with a lot of passion. Every lash artist should be dedicated to her work so as a motto, take this, lady:“life may not be perfect, but your lashes should be!”

Quality is only seen in details

You can be amazing at applying lash extensions but your professionalism is not always noticed just through that. You have to create a complete experiencefor that: from the environment, music, technique, atmosphere and the technology you use. There are those small details that make clients notice that you are 100% involved in your business.

Do you want to know what’s one of the secrets which make eyelash extensions technique look super professional?

Easy: A full appointment book is a sign of a great service provided, and while talking about this, I would like to explain to you here how Appointfix can help you.

For example, Rachel from “Brow and Beauty Parlour” told us on a short Facebook video recently that: “Appointfix has helped me to control my schedule and does all the work for me basically. Sends reminders to my clients, helps with retention, and reduced the no-shows. I would be lost without it. It really reduces your workload.”

You can download Appointfix right now from the App Store or Google Play. Take a moment and don’t miss out on the opportunity to reinvent your business and to difference yourself from others!

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix

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