How to save time with the new integration of Appointfix with the iOS Search

We know you’re juggling all day long with all kinds of tasks, working on clients, scheduling new appointments, taking care of your loved ones…We know, that’s why we’re always looking for ways to help you save time and do things a little bit easier.

With our last update, version 5.9, we’ve introduced a new integration with the iOS Search. So if you’re using Appointfix on an Apple device, you can now search directly from there for a client name, service, note in an appointment and you’ll get results from Appointfix. You’ll be able to quickly open a client’s file or their upcoming appointment. Check out the video below to see how it works.

In the same manner, if you’ll start typing for a keyword like messages or schedule, you’ll receive a suggestion to open that screen from Appointfix. So if you are on the Basic or Premium plan, and you regularly access the Messages screen to send reminders to clients, you can now open that screen directly from the iOS Search. Similarly, you can open the Add new appointment screen, by typing schedule or appointment.

We hope you’ll love these new shortcuts and please let us know if there is anything also you’d like us to implement. What would save you even more time?

Flavius is Co-founder & CPO of Appointfix, an appointment scheduling app that makes life easier for beauty, fitness, and wellness professionals. Feel free to drop him an email at