Impact of social distancing in the beauty industry

social distancing in beauty industry

Even now, without knowing all of its effects, the impact of the social distancing due to coronavirus cannot be overstated. Our personal and professional lives have radically changed while the authorities are being challenged to stop the spread of the virus by shutting down all businesses.

Today, the value of being a good citizen is more important than ever. Social responsibility requires the recognition and assumption for the good of the group to which one belongs and for the good of other people living within that group. Therefore, people invest time and effort in their workgroup to ensure its proper functioning.

Social responsibility isn’t just a way that teaches you to do things right. Little by little, it became an essential part of the business field. As it is still a new component of business activities, social responsibility came this year with enormous potential to combine business and social goals into a complementary relationship, with each supporting the other and creating a proper environment for restarting after the pandemic.

While in the long term, small business owners and professionals have to adapt to the new economic and social conditions and to establish a strong strategy to earn more money, in the short term there are the little things that matter a lot: communicating empathy, understanding people and offering support to those who need it most. We’re in a time of need right now, and being kind and empathic can be of great benefit now for all of us, as business owners, as professionals, as consumers, and most importantly, as people.

More than half of the states in America have started to reopen some businesses under restrictions, such as allowing fewer customers, requiring workers and customers to wear masks, maintaining social distancing, wearing gloves, etc.

According to NY Times, states that already approved reopening hair salons, nail salons, gyms, pools, and barbershops are the following ones:
Alabama (from April 30), Alaska (from April 24), Arizona (from May 15), Arkansas (from May 6), Colorado (from April 26), Florida (from May 4), Georgia (from April 30), Indiana (from May 4), Kansas (from May 3), Mississippi (from April 27), Missouri (from May 3), Montana (from April 26), Nevada (from May 9), Ohio (from May 29), South Carolina (from May 4), Tennessee and Texas (from April 30), West Virginia (from May 3), New Mexico (from May 15).

In order to avoid getting in contact with the virus, WHO (World Health Organization) is asking us to do something that isn’t natural for people: stay away from each other. Avoiding crowded places and close contact with others is crucial for slowing the spread of the virus, but it is hard to imagine that, for a while, we have to break the groups that we used to be part of. Therefore, which is the impact of all those protection measures?

Working in a staff of maximum of three persons


If you are not an independent professional and you work in a team, for example, in a salon, everything will be different after you reopen your salon. You will need to invest more time in organizing your team’s schedule so that you can work separately. Besides the fact that it is allowed to work only in teams of a maximum of three people, the waiting room in your salon must disappear for a while: customers can no longer wait inside until the other person is ready, but will have to wait outside until you clean the salon and refresh it for 15 minutes.

What is the result? For sure, all these activities will take you a looooot of time. In order to avoid being overwhelmed and misunderstood, be sure that you communicate clearly with your teammates and your clients, keep your stuff always clear and sanitized, and maintain a well-organized schedule. By the way, Appointfix is here to help you keep track of your appointments easier.

This appointment scheduling software is your best friend when it comes to long working days and lots of clients. What’s more, we recently launched a new feature, ideal for this period: mass messages. This new feature was created for you to communicate with all your clients in the shortest time and the easiest way possible. Plus, your clients can book 24/7 on your free booking page. You can download Appointfix for free in the App Store or Google Play.

Wear masks and gloves


Let me tell you my story: on Saturday, May 16, it was the 2nd day since the salons were opened under restrictions in our area. Honestly, I’ve been dreaming about that day for a long time. Relaxing, having a haircut, socializing after a long time of staying home…but it wasn’t really like that. Actually, I had to notice that, on the one hand, my hairdresser was happy to be back to work as it is her only income source, but on the other hand, she was stressed. She was stressed because everything is different: she has to check the temperature of all the clients, she has to make sure that everyone obeys the rules, she has dead times that since now she used to have more clients, she always has to wear a mask and gloves.

For those who do not have to wear them to work, it is not a big deal. You wear them while shopping for 15 minutes, then forget about them in a pocket. Instead, no one thought how annoying it is for those who wear them 10 hours a day. After a while, the mask creates wounds, and worn every day, it is very uncomfortable. In addition, another effect of the mask is that it prevents communication.

As you probably know, the face best expresses our mood and emotions. As a hairstylist, it can be frustrating not seeing your client’s reaction after you provide a service. With masks on, feedback is minimized. On the other hand, gloves can affect the quality of your work. If since now you used them only to dye your client’s hair, now you have to wear them always. Making a haircut with your gloves on… well, good luck superman. 🙂

Safety distance


To be honest, it’s very hard to get used to the idea that you have to stay away from people. It is natural for us to get closer when we talk to each other. Especially when you work, whether you are a hairstylist, nail artist, lash artist, or personal trainer, it is almost impossible to keep a distance of three feet between you and your clients.

The impact of this distance? I think the most important thing to mention is the emotional impact that distance has on people. When you avoid staying next to other persons, thinking that it could be dangerous for you or your family, has a major emotional impact on people. The fact that WHO recommends us to keep this distance can be frustrating, but we’d better respect it for our safety and for everyone’s well-being.

Reduced number of clients


The fact that you have to maintain a certain distance from people and avoid crowded places also has an economic impact. The salons that opened after the outbreak have a huge workflow. However, waiting 15 minutes between each session extends your working time and reduces the number of clients. What is the impact? With fewer customers, you have less income. Some professionals and small business owners have decided to increase prices in order to face monthly expenses. If it’s a good idea or not, we’ll see, but one thing is sure: in a way or another, we all have to assume some risks and try to raise back our businesses.

As you see, now that the Coronavirus lockdown is almost over, there’s one thing pretty clear. Those nonessential businesses that had been closed one month ago are actually essential to people. You are important to people, and you are important to us. We don’t know how long this crisis will last or if there will be another one, but one thing is clear: staying home, we’ve learned that life can change anytime, that the world doesn’t wait for us to come with a solution – we have to find it fast-, we have to be spontaneous, we’ve learned that for our good, we have to stay calm and find solutions, not to complain. Last but not least, we’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how tough it is to handle today because tomorrow the sun will shine again and we’ll realize that we’re stronger than we think.

Be optimistic, work hard, enjoy your life, and keep your spirits up. Like the Italians singing and praying, we have to let our souls spread the world with kindness. They were socially distanced, but they taught us that we can be stronger than ever together, even if we are separated for a while. Pray, love, work, and enjoy, as Victor Hugo once said, “even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise.”

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix

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