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Having a fast and easy appointment scheduling system is essential for your business. As many of you requested an easier way to add personal events on the calendar after our last update, we’ve made some improvements and simplified the process. 

Tap on the calendar to quickly create an appointment

From now on, when you tap on the calendar on a specific time slot, it will directly open the New appointment screen. This setting was especially created to help you book appointments faster, without any effort. It only takes one click to book the desired time slot. 

Long press on the calendar & select what you want to add

A long press on the calendar will open a menu next to the time slot you selected. This menu will allow you to add an appointment, a personal event, or time off. You will still be able to add appointments, time off and personal events by using the PLUS button located in the bottom right side of the calendar. The only mention is that when you choose to add an appointment through the PLUS button, it will display by default the current date and time, so you’ll have to manually change the date and time of the appointment you want to create. 

New colors available for your services

As many professionals provide a wide number of services in their business, we’ve added 40 new colors for services in the app. By using a different color for every service you have, you’ll distinguish them better and, why not, you’ll make your Appointfix calendar look even prettier. 

These new features have been included in our latest update, available now on the App Store and Google Play. We are waiting for your feedback and for more feature ideas in the comments section below or at 

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix


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