Free appointment scheduling app for hairstylists and hair salons

Our hair salon scheduling software will help you easily track appointments and reduce client no-shows using text reminders. Spend less time on managing appointments and more time on doing what you love!

Easy to use hair salon booking app​

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Crystal Graham - Review on Google Play

“It's perfect. I'm at hairstylist and I love how it sends all my clients reminder texts. Saves me time and keeps me organized.”


Appointment scheduling for hair stylists and salons

Spend less time managing bookings. Use our hair stylist scheduling app to schedule appointments, set recurring appointments, or update existing ones in seconds.


Automated text reminders

Cut your losses. Stop losing money by sending text reminders to your clients about their upcoming appointments.


Our hair salon scheduling software will reduce your no-show rate to almost 0%.

Grow your hair salon business with free online booking

Let your customers book appointments online 24/7 from any device. Clients love scheduling their own appointments and you’ll never miss out on business. 



Add a "Book Now" button to your Facebook & Instagram pages

Gain even more clients by adding a “Book” button to your  Facebook and Instagram business pages. 


According to Facebook for Business, a Chicago-based hair salon had 40% growth in appointment bookings in just 5 months by using the Book Now button on their Facebook Page.

We make over 70,000 professionals happy

“I have been using this salon scheduling software for over a year now, and it is so awesome. It’s easy to set up and use. When needing any help, they get back to you very soon. I love that all I have to do is enter clients, and it sends all my reminders. It shows you your monthly, daily, and yearly income and so much more. I have recommended this app to so many businesses. If you need an app for your business, this is 100% the best one!”
Linda Korbyl
Owner/Hairstylist at Shape It Salon
“I’ve been using Appointfix for some time now, and I love it. It has helped me keep track of my clients’ appointment times and what style I am doing. Great app!”
Camille Thomas
Hairstylist at Hair By Carmelique
“I have been using Appointfix since having my own hair salon…for almost a year. I love this salon booking software. It helps me to keep my clients in order. Also, I can go back to check what was charged and the service per each appointment.”
Keisha Wallace
Hairstylist at Blessed Hairstylist
“The app has helped me stay on top of my schedule by linking to my Google calendar. Appointfix is a great salon scheduling software that has made my professional and personal life much less stressful. Thank you!”
James Wright
Owner/Hairstylist at Creative Edge Salon
“I love Appointfix because it has helped me reduce no shows. It`s been 3 years at least, since I started using this salon booking app. Clients thank me for the reminder because they forget they had scheduled an appointment or didn`t know the time. It has also greatly helped in keeping track and managing my income.”
Regina Newby
Hairstylist at La Vita Nova Salon
“This salon appointment app has changed the game for me ever since I started being on my own as a hairstylist. Having your own personal business is stressful enough as it is, but this app takes away so much of that stress by keeping all of my guests stored and in order!”
Kelsey Sitaram
Hairstylist at BOLDbeyound
“Appointfix has really helped me organize my client appointments. The free reminder message service is AMAZING, keeping both client and hairdresser on schedule, never to miss an appointment again. Thanks Appointfix for an amazing salon appointment software!”
Alisha Green
Hairdresser at HairunLEASHed Mobile Hair Design
“I am a mobile hairdresser supporting children with special needs, mainly specializing in autism and sensory processing disorder. I use Appointfix for every appointment I have. I use it to remind clients and myself about upcoming appointments!”
Georgina Peverelle
Owner/Hairstylist at The Hair and The Tortoise
“I googled and searched in the App Store. I installed a few apps and then uninstalled them. They weren’t quite what I was looking for, until I saw Appointfix. Yes, it claimed it had all the bells and whistles that I needed, and it did. But with hesitation, I decided to pick the Basic plan. Better safe than sorry. Well, after a year of using Basic, I started having a lot of feedback from clients absolutely loving the service. Heck, it`s totally effortless for me. I now use the Ultimate plan. Love the ability to use on multiple devices, and the ease of sending notifications outweighs the Basic plan.”
Patricia E Davis
Hairstylist at Weeds Salon
“I love Appointfix because it gives me the freedom to bring my schedule everywhere I go! I love being able to send my clients reminders about their upcoming appointments, and they love it as well! It`s so user friendly, and the cost is well worth it!”
Ashley Burton
Hair Stylist at Hair by Ashley Burton
“Using Appointfix has made my life so much easier! My clients love the appointment reminders and I love the easiness of booking their appointments.”
Zoe Deamer
Hairdresser at Zoe Deamer Hair
“Appointfix has made my life so much easier. This salon booking software runs flawlessly and allows my business to function in a professional manner. All of my clients comment on how helpful the reminders are, and my income has greatly improved by avoiding no show clients.”
Nicole Jones
Owner/Hair Designer at Mrs. Jones Salon
“The app is easy to use and customizable for your specific needs. My clients love the instant booking notification and the 24-hour reminder option. My no show rate has dropped down to ZERO with this app! There is absolutely no double guessing when & what their appointment is because my clients have the text confirmation directly from my schedule on the app, sent to their phone in real time! Thanks, Appointfix!”
Kellee Kerr Makowetski
Owner/Hairstylist at Hair by Kellee

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