Appointment scheduling for service businesses

Tutors, counselors, computer technicians, babysitters, handymen, driving instructors, photographers, dog walkers, sales professionals, and many other service providers are using Appointfix to reduce client no-shows with SMS reminders and to easily keep track of appointments. Avoid lost revenue, spend less time managing appointments and more time making your clients happy!

"I came to Appointfix as a last-chance. I`d just had a string of disappointing experiences with other appointment scheduling applications. Most of them had very clunky features that were just shy of something I could use for my dog training business. I would spend hours getting familiar with the application, often spending a fortune on exploring the extra features I needed, only to find it missed a critical element after getting insultingly impersonal `help` from support.

Appointfix was like a breath of fresh air in comparison. I could explore the features in a breeze. It didn`t feel like I needed a degree in software engineering to understand them. It felt like it was built for entrepreneurs, not for software developers.

What I love about Appointfix?

1. You don`t spend to pay an arm and a leg on extra features.
2. The support is out of this world. Personable, intelligent, flexible, quick answers. A world away from the off-the-mark copy-pasted knowledge base articles I got from other scheduling app providers when I had a question.
3. Its simplicity. You don`t need to explore and go through an endless string of trial-and-error and frustratingly obscure menus to understand the idea. For an entrepreneur who is short on time, this simplicity is an essential feature.
4. When someone calls me, the Appointfix button pops up, meaning I can directly stick it in my calendar. This saves me so much fumbling with my phone, asking people to hold on in case I accidentally hang up on them whilst opening my calendar. The beauty of it is it`s not in the way. Just don`t open it if it`s not an appointment call.

After a string of very frustrating experiences, I have finally found this gem of appointment scheduler. May they live long and prosper!”

Laure-Anne Visele

Zoologist & Dog behaviour specialist for Canis bonus

“I used to use another appointment reminder service but it was costing me a fortune! As an independent driving instructor I wanted to be able to remind my learners about their upcoming lessons, sadly a lot of people forget after arranging an appointment and didn`t show up for lessons. This was costing me £££`s.

Appointfix gets on with my reminders, while I am out working and earning money. Fully automated with my Google calendar was really important to me. Having unlimited SMS or Texts with my phone contract, it made sense to find an app that would send reminders for me for Free.”

David Horgis

Instructor at David Horgis Driving

“My name is Jeremy Hargett, and I own Status Auto Detailing, in Springfield, MO. Before Appointfix, I was tediously trying to call my clients to remind them of their appointments. Sometimes all I would get was an answering machine or the dreaded voicemail that wasn`t set up. It was time consuming and was a recipe for no-shows. Now that I`m using Appointfix, I know that my clients will receive a confirmation text and will be reminded prior to their appointment. It has cut down my no-shows, and has saved me a ton of time.”

Jeremy Hargett

Owner of Status Auto Detailing

Start making your life easier with Appointfix, it`s free!

Reduce no-shows, spend less time managing appointments, and focus on doing what you love.