Staff management software

Make the process of scheduling a lot easier for you and your staff. Keep track of their schedule, send personalized text reminders, and allow clients to book online.

Effectively manage your staff and their appointments

View all your staff’s existing appointments and monthly reports. Set up online booking for them, and set their services and working hours. 


Individual logins and access levels for each staff member

Each staff member will have their own login details. They’ll be able to see and manage only their own calendar and reports, unless you give them “Administrator” access. 

Clients can book their favorite staff online

Help your staff keep their schedules fully booked with online booking. Enable clients to book appointments online with their favorite staff member, in just a few taps. 


Your staff is always in the loop

Your staff members will be individually notified when their appointment is booked, rescheduled, or canceled.


Keep your staff up-to-date with their upcoming appointments while saving yourself precious time.

Personalized text message reminders for your staff

Save your staff time and money by setting up text message reminders for upcoming appointments.


Set up SMS templates to send personalized reminders from your staff to their clients. Messages can be sent automatically or manually, with just one tap.


Performance reports for every staff member

See your total salon earnings or earnings per staff member.


Know ahead of time which staff employees need help to improve their performance.

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Autism Conselling - review on App Store

“We love this app. I run a small counseling practice and all the staff love this app. It’s easy to use and cuts down hours of time as it automatically sends messages to clients.”

"We now have oversight of bookings at 2 different sites and can manage staff distribution and stop double booking. We have doubled our income and our staffing costs are down 40%."

Review from the Google Play Store
Nicky Louis Testimonial for staff scheduling app
Nicky Louis
Freelance Online Editor at
"Appointfix adds a very professional look to my business but it is also exceptionally useful. Syncing with my employee is invaluable and saves a lot of time as well as double bookings. I know what appointments my staff has and I can coordinate the use of space."

Review from
Ann Rodis
"After the initial date entry it makes life easier for me and my staff. I did have to upgrade to premium in order to have recurring appointments. So far so good"

Review from the Google Play Store
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Simple to use, yet packed with powerful features

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