Festive Christmas Beard Ideas And Tutorial


‘Tis the season to be festive. The long beard season is back, so trendsetters have to search for new ways to stand out this Christmas. Well, I guess they already did.

This holiday season, the Christmas balls have a new utility: they are the main accessory that creates a Christmas beard style seen only in fairytales. Well… these simple Christmas beard decorations will turn men’s faces into glittering festive masterpieces!

In this article, I’ve prepared for you a tutorial about how to create a Christmas beard style in 2021. You’re going to find out what accessories you need for this awesome, funny look and also some creative ideas about how you can design beards this holiday season.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be tempted to finish off your own Christmas outfit with a funny and festive beard style this year. 🙂

And if Christmas beards are not for you and you are looking for something milder, check out the best beard styles of 2021 article.

What accessories do you need?

christmas beard accesories and decorations

For creating christmassy beards, you need some main accessories. Don’t worry, they are cheap and most of them can be found in almost every shop. Well, make sure you’ve got:

  • Small-sized Christmas balls
  • Small hair elastics
  • Black hairpins
  • A mini led string light
  • A small scissor
  • Some glitters
  • Mini Christmas tree-shaped decorations
  • Duo eyelash glue

After you make sure you have all these accessories, let’s move on to the funny part: installing them in a long beard.

How to install them in the beard

We’ve prepared three types of Christmas beard styles, based on the looks and personality you’re going for.

Festive Christmas Decorations Beard

man with christmas beard laughing

Take a small hair elastic and a Christmas ball. Put the elastic through the hook of the Christmas ball.

christmas beard tutorial

When the elastic is in the middle, take one side of the elastic and pass it through the other side of the elastic, to make a knot.

christmas beard tutorial step 2

Now you can use the remaining part of the elastic to attach it to the beard.

Grab a little section of beard and wrap the elastic around it multiple times, until it’s secured.

how to decorate beard for christmas

Do the same thing for the rest of the Christmas balls until you reach a full, shiny and Christmassy beard style. And Voilà!

festive christmas beard

Cute And Elegant Christmas Trees Beard

christmas beard decorated with christmas trees ornaments

For this look, you’re going to need some mini Christmas tree shaped decorations (or whatever you want, you can use mini snowflakes, fake snow, etc.), and an eyelash glue. I’ve used the Duo Eyelash Adhesive, as I consider it being the most sticky and resistant. First of all, put a small amount of adhesive on a single side of the decoration and let it dry for approx. 30 seconds. Then, take them one by one and press for a few seconds until the decoration sticks to the beard or face. Do the same with all decorations and there you are, with a funny Christmas tree decorated beard.

Glamorous Glitter Beard

christmas beard with red glitter

The glitter beard is the easiest one to do, but I’d recommend you to try it just when you’re sure that you desire a glitter beard. Why? Because… you’ll shine for a whole week, no matter how often or hard you wash your face after that. HA HA! But that’s the point, isn’t it? In order to achieve this look, all you have to do is pour some glitter in your hands and “wash” your beard with glitter. There you are, Tinkerbell. 😂

Well, I hope you enjoyed (and had some fun) seeing this Christmas beard tutorial and ideas that we’ve created for you. Whose idea was this? Well… maybe it’s better not to say it. But thanks to the ones who sacrificed themselves for us though. 😄

We’ve had loads of fun trying out this festive trend and here are some behind the scenes images and video to prove it.😊

Have you met Rudolph from Appointfix?

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how to decorate festive christmas beard

So did you enjoy these Christmas beard styles? Let us know in the comments section below. Merry Beardsmas! 🎅🏽

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix

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