Color of The Year 2022: Very Peri


Summer is coming, and if you need some aesthetic inspiration, we’re here to help. Very Peri is the best choice in 2022 for make-up, fashion, home design, and everything you consider needs a little bit of color. 

Why Very Peri? Every year there’s a new color trending, according to Pantone. Since more than 20 years ago, the Pantone Color System has influenced the beauty, fashion, and design industries. 

This tone is ideal if you want to be on-trend and still enjoy summer with a colorful look. Of course, we already know that fashion designers, interior designers, and even make-up artists are trying to adapt their tastes and knowledge to trends constantly. Well, this year’s not an exception. Big brands have already launched their spring-summer 2022 collections, and they actually look very nice in Very Peri! 

Below, you will find some tips on using this color in your everyday life. Stay tuned for more information on the Very Peri color of 2022!

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • What means very Peri
  • What is the color of the year in 2022
  • Very Peri make-up ideas
  • Very Peri nail ideas
  • Very Peri outfit ideas
  • Very Peri hair highlights ideas

What means Very Peri?

According to Pantone Color System, Very Peri is “a symbol of the global transition we are going through, and illustrates the fusion of modern life and how color trends in the digital world are being manifested in the physical world and vice versa.”

Very Peri is a soft purple color, a combination of lavender and lilac tones. Very Peri can also contain some tones of blue and red. The purple shade represents a joyful and dynamic spirit, while blue makes us think of calm, and red gives a passional vibe.

If you’re unsure how to integrate this 2022 color of the year into your look, you’ll find some ideas below. 

Color of the year 2022: Very Peri

Very Peri Make-up Ideas

There are many ways you can use the Very Peri color for an extravagant summer make-up style. Check out some Very Peri make-up ideas below and book your makeup appointment for your next event.

Photo source
Photo source
Photo source
Photo source
Photo source

Very Peri Nail Ideas

Out of ideas when it comes to styling your nails? The color of the year in 2022 is just perfect for a fresh mani style. 

Photo source
Photo source
Photo source
Photo source

Very Peri Outfit Ideas

There’s no better dress idea for a special event than a colorful one. If you want to be remarked, a Very Peri dress is all you need.

Photo source
Photo source
Photo source
Photo source
Photo source

Very Peri Hair Highlights Ideas

This is for the brave, adventurous girls: purple-toned hair is just perfect. With these Very Peri hairstyles below, it’s time for a hair appointment

Photo source
Photo source
Photo source
Photo source
Photo source

Very Peri Home Decor

If you feel like your room needs a fresh color touch, the 2022 color of the year is ideal. Elegant, warm, and cheerful, Very Peri will be a perfect combo in your home decor style.

Photo source
Photo source
Photo source
Photo source

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