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Wishing you a blessed Memorial Day 2019

“There is nothing nobler than risking your life for your country.” -Nick LampsonAccording to CNN’s 5 ways to pay respects on Memorial Day and Memorial Day Foundation post on how to observe the holiday, there are specific customs for paying respect to fallen heroes on Memorial Day: Flying the US flag at half-staff until noonObserving a moment of silence at 3 p.m. local time, participating in the “National Moment of Remembrance”Attending religious services of your choicePlacing flags or flowers on veterans’ graves “A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it… Read More

Mother’s Day Giveaway & Raffle: $100 Amazon Gift Card for Mom’s Wisdom

This weekend the wonderful moms are the main characters to have the spotlight. They should be spoiled with lovely gifts, sweet words and all the love and flowers they deserve. At Appointfix we have a special appreciation for the most exceptional women who gave us life. We believe they are the most beautiful, strong and wise human beings. This year we’re celebrating their wisdom. Just as it’s wise to listen to your mom’s advice, it’s wise to use Appointfix to manage your appointments and send automated text message reminders to your clients. It’s both wise and helpful to reduce no-shows… Read More

We Are Thrilled About Our Users “Why I love Appointfix” Videos

Yesterday we announced the results of our EASTER Contest, in which you could win an iPad + 1 year Appointfix Ultimate Free (a $500 prize value). The participants had to record a short video of themselves (about one minute or so), telling us how Appointfix helps their business and what they love about our scheduling app. The videos were posted on our Facebook page here. Here you can watch our video announcing the Easter contest winner. We were thrilled to see our users faces and get to know you better. We love our Appointifix users who sent us… Read More

EASTER Contest | Win an iPad + 1 year Appointfix Ultimate Free

Dear Appointfix users, there’s a surprise coming! You’re using Appointfix to manage your appointments and send reminders to your clients. And many of you are so thrilled with the app that you send us beautiful feedback messages and post encouraging reviews about Appointfix on the online stores. Now as Easter is approaching, we’ve thought that we’d really love to get to know you better! We appreciate you so much and we’d love to put a face next to your name and profession – hearing directly from you why you love Appointfix and how our app is helping your business. So… Read More

14 Easy Appetizer Recipes + 60 Easter Quotes

You’re familiar with Appointfix, the modern appointment book and online appointment manager. All your business appointment details are organized, the scheduling app makes your life easier and helps your business. As Easter holidays are approaching, and your Appointfix calendar reminds your clients to get to their appointments before the holiday, maybe you’d also like to send a nice personalized holidays text message to your friends. We thought about lending a hand by choosing some beautiful Easter quotes. Plus some delicious appetizers which are a great way to impress your guests before the big Easter dinner. What is Easter? History tells… Read More

The Grown Up Life of a Small Business Owner

“I’m trying to make sure my ends meet up | But I can’t do it with my two feet up” is how a song goes. Hair stylists, beauty professionals, nail technicians, massage therapists, gym owners, dentists, fitness trainers, psychologists, driving instructors, pet groomers, cleaning services professionals, teachers, barbers, photographers, real estate managers, electricians, mechanics, etc. are small business owners who use Appointfix online appointment manager as part of their daily business routine. Having all their appointments with them all the time on their phone in their pocket, and on a tablet at work is very practical and convenient. Appointfix feature… Read More

Appointfix Team Members Participated in a National IT Contest

A team from Mobiversal, the company that owns Appointfix app, participated this past weekend at HackTM, a national IT contest held for the first time in Oradea. Our team members participated in the event and we’d like to share some details with our app users. This way you can get to know us more, see our passion and find out about our interests. The contest was called a “hackathon”. What’s that exactly you might wonder. A “hackathon” is a programming or engineering marathon in the field of Information Technology. The word comes from “hacking” and “marathon” put together.… Read More

Apple launches new services: Apple TV+, Apple Card, Apple News+ In the world of technology and apps, there are some big news which we’re sharing below. A quick note before that: about half of our users are running Appointfix app on Apple devices, many of them being super passionate fans of the bitten apple products, so they’ll be excited to read more details here. This article is not about our app and how you can manage your appointments and send automated text reminders to your clients from your cool iOS devices. Though if you’re an iOS user and this is the first time reading us, if you’re looking for… Read More

35 Client Reminder Templates + Thank You Messages For Hair Salons

As a small business owner, with Appointfix, you have a number of very useful strategic features to manage your appointments and send the best text message reminders to your clients. Here’s some inspiration for hairstylists, barbers and beauty industry professionals. Specific reminder templates – ready to use text messages – to inspire you as you set your friendly text message reminders for your salon clients. As announced here, up until now you had just one template for the reminders that were sent to your clients. With our latest update though, you can now define and use different messages. What’s… Read More

Now You Can Define Multiple Templates for Messages

Up until now you had just one template for the reminders that got sent to your clients, but with our latest update you can now define and use different messages. What’s also new and helpful is that you can send a message even after the appointment. You can use a template when you create the appointment: Instant booking notificationYour appointment with Lisa/Butterfly Studio on DATE at START TIME has been successfully booked. To reschedule, please call (917) 478-3387. Then you can send a different message when the appointment is coming up: Reminder Just a reminder from Lisa/Butterfly Studio about your… Read More