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Appointfix is GDPR compliant

  We know that GDPR messages from tons of companies are filling up your inbox these days. Bear with it though as it will mean a less cluttered inbox in the future. In this post we’ll explain what GDPR means and guarantee that you are well protected with Appointfix. We are 100% committed to keeping your customer data safe and secure, therefore GDPR has given us an opportunity to review our systems and processes. So let’s see what GDPR is and what Appointfix has done to comply with the GDPR. What is GDPR and Why is it Important The Internet… Read More

How to Charm your Clients: Quick Checklist for Busy Hair Stylists & Beauticians

You’re very skilled and amazing at what you’re doing, but your clients are always on the run in this faced paced busy world. Attention span is reduced, nerves are high, traffic heavy and patience a rare commodity sometimes. Knowing this, how can you fully grab your clients’ interest and just wow them? There is good news… it’s not as hard as it seems! We started sharing some heart to heart marketing tips for stylists and small business owners and here are a few more practical ideas for charming your clients by offering them a stellar experience: First impression counts –… Read More

Mother’s Day Campaign update: Thank you for your great response!

A THANK YOU message to the many wonderful users participating in our Mother’s Day Campaign. My inbox got filled with hundreds of the most emotional, kind and beautiful words, all describing the awesome mothers of this world. From the USA to Australia, from Costa Rica to Germany, from England to Argentina and many other fun places, thank you all for participating! For those of you finding only now about our campaign, at the end of this post I’m sharing the campaign link. You’re still on time to start your free trial of Appointfix Premium. Our campaign ends on May… Read More

Mother’s Day special for all our BASIC users: Get 3 months of Premium absolutely FREE!

Here at Appointfix we believe that mothers are the most amazing human beings on this planet and we’d like to celebrate them. They are the ones who were next to us when we were tiny winy babies and they put up with so much along the years. Oh the joys, the laughter and the tears, the sleepless nights, those games cheering on you, or kissing many hurt knees and boo-boos, being there in good times and bad times. For their immense love, sacrifice and for always being there – these amazing super-humans called MOMS – deserve to be celebrated! We’re… Read More

58 appointment reminder templates to inspire you

In this day and age when technology is all around us, individual businesses use appointment reminders more frequently than ever. The benefits are multiple, the main one undeniably being not losing business due to no-shows. This aspect is probably one of the most disheartening for independent professionals and small business owners. There is a terrific solution though! Using a mobile app for scheduling appointments which sends automated SMS / text-message reminders to clients is the golden ticket. For countless professionals out there it can reduce no-shows to zero. Appointment reminders are successfully used in the beauty industry by hair stylists,… Read More

Heart-to-heart marketing for stylists and small business owners

As a stylist you’re in the business of making your client feel gloriously fabulous and wonderfully magnificent. That puts the stylist in “the feelings business”. Clients feel great about themselves and the happier they feel as they leave your salon, the bigger the tip and more frequent their salon visits, right? Thanks to the hairstylists’ skills and delightful personalities, it is in their power to make a client feel like she’s the most beautiful woman in the world as she walks out of the salon. And when a client feels like that, they want to be seen and admired. Is… Read More

Last call for Android users of version 1.8 to upgrade to the latest version and get a Free Premium plan

One year ago we launched a major upgrade of Apppointfix and we also launched the paid plans. We generously offered all existing users a free upgrade to the Premium plan, however this offer will end soon, on April 30th 2018. Android users who are still on the old version 1.8 need to get the new version from Google Play.  Upon installing it, you’ll need to create your account, as the old app didn’t have user accounts. All existing users will be automatically upgraded to the Free Premium plan, no charges will occur. The only thing that is not included… Read More

How to adjust your Battery Optimization settings, so you have the best experience with Appointfix

Due to restrictions from Google, reminders aren’t fully automated anymore under the Basic and Premium plans. One tap is required for each reminder to be sent. We’ll send you a push notification each time you need to tap for sending an SMS reminder, or you can go to Menu → Reminders each morning and send the reminders for the whole day. We’ve received lately feedback from few of our Android users (on the Basic and Premium plans) that some notifications are not received when they were supposed to. After our investigation, we realised that this is caused by some of… Read More

These holidays get 3 months of Premium for FREE

The spirit of Christmas is generosity, so if you’re on Appointfix Basic and you were wondering how’s the Premium version, we have a gift for you these holidays: 3 months of Premium for FREE. Premium comes with: unlimited appointments recurring appointments with multiple options to customize the recurrence reminders without Appointfix branding priority support Who’s qualified for this offer? This offer only applies to accounts that are on the Basic plan, it doesn’t apply for ongoing Premium paid subscriptions (sorry, technically it’s impossible). How can you get it? Simply email us at letting us know the email you used… Read More

The initial sync is now up to 10 times faster

We’re striving to continually improve Appointfix and one thing that needed improvement is the initial sync. This update (v2.2) will help you get access quicker to your appointments schedule. When does the initial sync occur?  When you install the app on a new device, at the first login, the app will sync with our server and get all data back: appointments, clients, services, settings, basically everything. When you uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Check out below how fast is the new version and make sure you’ve updated from App Store or Google Play. Flavius is Co-founder & CMO of… Read More